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House prep.

True Line works with the homeowner to achieve a smooth transition into the construction phase.  We recognize the challenges presented to the homeowner, be they house pets, safety concerns, or the ever present neighbor.   Because construction, by nature, is a loud and dusty process, we do our best to abate dust, seal off the working site, and protect those items that cannot be moved elsewhere. 

I'm often asked, "Can we .........?"  And the answer is yes, anything can be done, and we can do it.    Room additions, Kitchens, Baths, Gardens and Garages.  Inside, outside, and all around.   But along with optimism comes honesty: Does your project have hidden costs?, What will the city codes allow?, How long will construction last?.   Good relationships begin with tough questions, and honest answers.  That's where we start    

Yes, we can do it.

What it takes.

First the thought, then the plan, then more thought.    Each step as important as the next. Because the goal is to keep moving forward with the orignial intent of purpose and design.  The contractor's job is to consume thought and plan, to question them, and to bring them to life.  


Remodeling a house does not come without surprises, both good and bad.   Proper planning, and honest bidding eliminates most of the unsuspected, but discovery is part of the process.  Within the process of removing plaster, flooring, and so forth, we feel it our responsibility to point out structural deficiencies should they be uncovered, then offer our best assessment as to what/if any steps should be taken to correct the matter. 



True Line is responsible for all general building inspections.  Commonly the inspection process includes foundation work, rough framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, tile and exterior lath, and water proofing.  Our job is not complete until final inspection has passed and a certificate of occupancy has been issued.

Balance sheets


At the signing of the work agreement, a series of balance sheets will be provided.  These sheets serve to explain the payment schedule, the nature of the draw request, what has been paid to date, and the balance of the job per task.  The client has a good understanding of where the project stands and the nature of future payments.



True Line pledges to maintain an efficient pace of work through each stage of the construction process.   We do not shuffle jobs.  We will not make rash promises.  And we will not disappear.  The client is made aware of progress and cause for delay.  Attention is paid to material orders and organization of labor.  Reputations are built over time. 

"Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get" -Warren Buffet
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